Florida Georgia Line Releases Emotional New Song After Dallas Shootings

Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line responded to the recent Dallas police shootings with a teaser of "Music Is Healing," a song off of their upcoming Dig Your Roots album.

The short video for "Music Is Healing" overlays a photo of two police offers, both of a different race. Each officer raises their hand to reveal the timely message "His life matters," with arrows pointing at one another.

"This song has never rang more true," band member Tyler Hubbard wrote. "My heart is broke. 'Love is the answers and music is healing.' Praying for this country."

The song features emotional and powerful lyrics that are especially timely. "Tears on my six string/ Another angel gone/ Leaving you all alone, dealing with your demons/ I know you're layin' there wonderin' if your prayers ever make it through the ceiling, too."

Hubbard's voice continues to carry into the chorus where the track's message comes to light.

"If I could write the perfect song / Make a little right out of all the wrong / Would you close your eyes? / Would you let it in? / Would you light your candle against the wind? / If I could sing the perfect words / And change the world / Unhurt the hurt that we're all feeling / Stop the bleeding, get back to believing. / Love is the answer, and music is healing."

Brian Kelley also shared a clip of the song to his personal Instagram with a video showing his arm tattoo that reads "Music = Healing."

On a day of mourning, it was the perfect answer to so many unanswered questions.

Fans can own "Music is Healing" with the purchase of Dig Your Roots, set for release on August 26. The record is available for pre-order on iTunes now.

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Florida Georgia Line Releases Emotional New Song After Dallas Shootings