Parody Duo Turns Florida Georgia Line's Dirt Into Snow

There's no doubt snow is the bane of existence of folks living in the Northeast several months out of the year, but that's no reason to let it make you miserable, especially if you can spoof Florida Georgia Line.

Parody video wonder couple Benji and Jenna Cowert - well-known for this viral hit- were stir-crazy enough to decide it was time to take on the bro-country duo's ever-present hit "Dirt".

In a feat of some clever songwriting, complete with some high-tech paper snow, the Cowerts have created the much more Northeastern version you'll see below, aptly-titled, "Snow":

It's important to have a sense of humor living in Buffalo, given seasonal affective disorder could quickly turn your good moods sideways, and as Benji mentions, "Bills games stay to the bitter end, 6-10 again." Bills fans know a special type of sadness, and the Cowerts obviously have taken their lumps, given their choice of jerseys in the video. Surely plenty of those Bills losses were snow-covered, you can pretty much count on it.

Given how clever this song was put together, maybe the couple has an unintentional masterpiece on their hands. Who knows, they could make a little cottage industry out of doing parodies.

I mean, if Weird Al Yankovic can pull it off, who says they couldn't?

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