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Song Premiere: Flo Captures the Highs and Lows of Love on 'In My Mind'

Rising Chilean country-pop singer-songwriter Flo reflects on the broken pieces of a relationship on "In My Mind," a swirling ode to being young and in love — and all the joy and pain that comes along with it.

"I thought you would fit with me/ But now I see the puzzle pieces are not the shape I thought they'd be," Flo sings. "Was it you/ Or was it me/ You're not wrong and I'm not right or was this all just in my mind?"

Watch the lyric video for "In My Mind" below.

Originally born in Chile, Flo's family moved to Canada at the age of five. It was there that she began playing piano and discovered her passion for performing. After moving to Singapore at 13, Flo began performing at local events.

After sharing a home video of her perfomance of Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing" and "I Will Always Love You," Flo recieved an invitation from musician David Foster to join him while making a special appearance abroad.

Flo, who previously released the single "Talking to Myself," currently splits her time between Miami, Florida and Nashville, Tennessee. She recently finished recording her debut EP.

For more information on Flo, follow her on social media.

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