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Cole Swindell and Dierks Bentley Hit the Stage in New 'Flatliner' Video

Cole Swindell is here to remind you that bro country ain't dead yet. He just shared the video for new song "Flatliner" featuring tour mate Dierks Bentley.

Swindell is opening for Bentley on his What The Hell World Tour, so that provides the perfect backdrop for their new video. In it, Bentley joins Swindell in front of a raucous crowd, taking the second verse and exchanging playful banter.

If you're listening to the song thinking, "I though we were past this," there's a decent reason. Swindell actually wrote "Flatliner" four years ago — at the height of the bro country phase, but also before Swindell had any success. He originally wanted Bentley to sing it.

But now the tune opens his sophomore album You Should Be Here. Check out the video below.

Obviously, the pair have a lot of fun singing the tune. Swindell told The Tennessean he knew the music video needed to be live footage. "Never in my wildest dreams did I think he would record it with me for my own album one day," Swindell says. "This is such a fun, highly energized and, honestly, surreal moment each and every night of the tour for me that there was no question in my mind of how I wanted to capture this video."

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Bentley never recorded "Flatliner," but he agreed to join Swindell on it in the studio. In the song, the pair joke about how to get a pretty girl. It's replete with dumb jargon like "popping it like a cold one." And "that shake in your giddy-up got my eyes going, 'what what.'" Lyrically, the song is terrible.

There's even a little moment when Bentley tells Swindell to grab a guitar and play the girl a song. (Even though they're in a club). But don't play one of Swindell's, he laughs. Play one of his.

Bentley and Swindell continue the What The Hell World Tourwith Jon Pardi all the way through Sept. 1.

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