25 Years Ago, George Strait Hits No. 1 with 'If I Know Me'

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There's a reason they call him King George.

George Strait has amassed 60 No. 1 singles, with the next closest being Conway Twitty's 40. He also has the record for the largest indoor concert in North America when 104,793 fans showed up to watch his last show at Dallas' AT&T Stadium.

25 years ago today, Strait hit his 21st No. 1 single with "If I Know Me." Even in 1991, 10 years after he started and with 21 No. 1 singles under his belt, it would be hard to imagine the immense level of success still to come for the King of Country.

"If I Know Me" is a classic example of Strait's timeless style and subject matter. Written by Pam Bedford and Dean Dillon, "If I Know Me" is about a door-slamming fight that leads to leaving -- and knowing yourself well enough to know you'll turn the car around.

Another of Strait's famous ballads, the song features the heavy doses of lap steel and acoustic guitars that came to define his classic but radio-friendly sound. The song came from Strait's 11th studio album, Chill of an Early Fall. The album also produced the No. 1. single "You Know Me Better Than That."

Fans who hope to see Strait play these classic tunes a few more times better book a flight to Vegas. The King has 6 more shows in Vegas booked through February 2017.

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25 Years Ago, George Strait Hits No. 1 with 'If I Know Me'