fix wood scratches
Screengrab via YouTube

How to Remove Ugly Wood Floor Scratches with a Walnut



Nothing is more annoying than finding a scratch on a beautiful piece of furniture or your nice hardwood floor. Thankfully, this handy video will teach you how to fix those pesky marks in a surprising way -- with just a walnut.

When you find a scratch on your furniture or wood floor, get some fresh walnuts and wipe the area clean of dust and debris.

Next, take a walnut and break it in half to expose the "meat" of the nut. Then, rub it vigorously along the scratch. You'll notice it leaves a slight oily residue along with some debris from the nut itself. You can simply wipe that away with your bare hand or a soft, dry cloth.

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The scratches amazingly disappear right before your eyes as if they never happened! The oil from the walnut soaks into the wood and causes the scratch to fade.

For deeper scratches (or if you're deathly allergic to nuts) you can use a crayon the same color as the furniture, and the technique is the same. Watch the video above to see just how fast this works to fix wood scratches.

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