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This Unique Inflatable Boat Lets You Camp While You Fish

Do you love to fish? Do you love to go camping? If your answer is yes, then this new fishing boat could be a knockout for your next outing on the lake.

We all know that fishing takes patience, but what if I told you that you can stay out on the water all day and all night? Raptor Boat's XL Platform Fishing Boat will let you live on the water. Yes, literally live on the water. The boat becomes  an inflatable raft that has the ability to house a four-person tent.

The outdoor companion is equipped with 15 handy D-ring mounts, which allows you to pitch a tent right on the boat's 150-square-foot platform.

This new boat will allow you bring the kids for a nice and relaxing weekend away from home, or it can become your own fortress of solitude.

According to Country Living, the price of this fantastic fisher comes at $2,665. Yes, that is a lot of money. But if you can handle being finned by some brim or a few hooks in your finger, I think you can muster up the strength to cough up the dough.

If you hate having to reel your line back in because the sun is setting, keep this incredible boat in mind for your next trip to the lake.

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