Fisherman Gets Scary Surprise When He Pulls in His Line

Screengrab via YouTube

Fishing is normally a relaxing pastime. The peaceful atmosphere coupled with the simple sport is a great way to relax. It is also a great sport that allows you to connect with friends and family. In many households, fathers and sons venture out on the lake regularly for a little bonding and some fabulous fishing.

This was the goal when Lance Burgos and his boy spent the day kayaking, camping and fishing at Lake Fausse Point State Park in Martinville, La. After setting up some noodles, the group set off in search of their big catch.

Being in a fish-rich area, they quickly got a bite and decided to reel it in, but didn’t come back with the large catfish they were expecting. Watch the crazy encounter in the video below.

Naturally, the men paddled as far away from their catch as quickly as they could. Staying a few seconds longer in that location would almost guarantee them to become a gator snack. But, they weren’t willing to stick around and give the gator that chance.

What’s most amazing about the video is how calm the guys stayed through the entire encounter. I’m sure they will be a little more careful about fishing in this particular area in the future.

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Fisherman Gets Scary Surprise When He Pulls in His Line