Fireman and Veteran Creates Patriotic Fire Hose American Flags

Bobby Lewis/KHOU

Temple Terrace, Florida firefighter and Navy Veteran David Burton has found a way to turn hoses into remarkable American flags. He started making the fire hose American flags about a year ago, and since then, the demand for them has been non-stop. Creating them has turned into his hobby and passion.

He sold his first set of flags at a flea market and people went crazy for them. "We sold out and the response was so great. It wasn't just firemen buying them, so I knew we really had something," Burton tells KHOU.

Burton spends 12 hours (and sometimes more) on his days off working on the flags. According to him, it makes the U.S. flags even more special knowing that they were crafted from hoses that were actually used and possibly saved people's lives.

A fire hose is 50-feet long, but Burton needs a total of 70 feet to complete a flag. Hundreds of hoses have been donated to him from around the country. To make the art, he uses a nail gun to secure the dyed hoses to a wooden board.

John Robinson, a fellow veteran who purchased one of Burton's flags, said, "Having served, having David being a veteran, it's one of those things that's a one of a time piece and you're never going to see it again."

Now that's some pretty special one-of-a-kind art!

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Fireman and Veteran Creates Patriotic Fire Hose American Flags