Brave Firefighter Narrowly Escapes Massive ‘Fire Tornado’

Screengrab via YouTube

Firefighters are some of the bravest people around, constantly putting their lives at risk in order to save others. Sometimes, the difference between walking away unscathed and tragedy can just be a few feet or a couple of seconds.

One firefighter in St. Albert, Canada found that out firsthand when he and his company were out trying to calm a campfire gone wild. A giant gust of wind flew the flames into a funnel, creating a massive fire tornado directly next to the group of firefighters. As they scramble to escape the sudden danger, firefighter Vincent Pashko is forced to take desperate measures to ensure his safety. Click below to see footage from the scene.


In the clip, you can see the firefighters (who look like tiny ants next to the massive smoke funnel) trying to outrun the flames. Pashko, unaware of what is lurking behind him, is taken by surprised by the tornado and forced to jump into the nearby water to escape the storm.

Thankfully, his reflexes saved him from any severe injuries. The video has since gone viral, amassing hundreds of thousands of views in just a week’s time. All in all, it’s an amazing example of just how powerful nature can be, even when you least expect it.

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Brave Firefighter Narrowly Escapes Massive ‘Fire Tornado’