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'Fire Country' Season 2: Everything Fans Need to Know About the Firefighter Drama


Things are heating up--so to speak--in the fictional Northern California town of Edgewater, where young convict Bode Donovan (Max Thieriot) reluctantly returns to volunteer alongside firefighters in an attempt to reduce his sentence and find redemption. It was clear from Season One of the CBS action-drama series that Bode left behind some major secrets when he left his hometown years ago, and it looks like Season Two of Fire Country might finally bring the consequences of those secrets to light.

The continuation of this story was really never in question for this popular show. Less than two weeks after its debut in October 2022, Fire Country was given a full-season order thanks to its 8.3 million viewers per episode. Only three months later, the network announced that it had been renewed for a second season.

"It's pretty remarkable to see a new series resonate like this with both broadcast and streaming audiences right out of the gate," President of CBS Entertainment Amy Reisenbach told Variety. "'Fire Country' has so many appealing entry points for the audience. It combines high-stakes action with small town charm, mystery and romance, and a family franchise at its core. We're blessed to have an incredible team in front of and behind the camera led by amazing producers and writers and an exceptionally talented cast."

So--what can we expect from Fire Country Season Two? Read on to learn all the spicy details.


What is Season Two About?

FYI, there will be some major spoilers ahead if you're not caught up on Season One. Proceed with caution!

After a ton of tension and buildup, Bode and Gabriella (Stephanie Arcila) finally get together--but not for good. The pair decides to wait until Bode's sentence is up before they pursue a real relationship. He also discovers he's a match for his mother, Sharon (Diane Farr), who needs to undergo kidney surgery. Of course, going through with that procedure could totally jeopardize his position and future with Cal Fire. Whether or not he's willing to take the risk is the major question of Season Two.

As no trailer or info has been released about the upcoming season, little is known about where Bode's story will go from there. Thieriot, also a co-creator and executive producer of the series, told Collider in a recent interview that he wrote parts of the show based on his own life.

"For me, it was easy to write because you write what you know," he said. "Because it was so personal and so close, it all came from a place that I was connected to, so it was easy for me to translate that into these characters and this world. It was not something that I was really having to build from the beginning. The foundation was there."


Will Thieriot continue to pull from his own experiences in Season Two? Only time will tell.

The Cast

Again, nothing is confirmed since an official cast list has yet to be announced. However, the reactions from Fire Country actors and actresses about Season Two suggest that all the major players from Season One will be returning.

"Starting 2023 off HOT!!" posted actor Kevin Alejandro, who plays Manny Perez. "I'm so extremely happy for our entire team of filmmakers! Congratulations, everyone we've worked our asses off for this one!!"

"Friday feeling gonna b a little extra today," Thieriot commented on the show's official Instagram page. "Sooooo excited!!!!"


One character whose life has been in question since the start of the show is Sharon (Farr). With her health deteriorating and Bode's murky future, her return (or lack thereof) might be a major part of Season Two. Nothing is certain, but Fire Country producer Tia Napolitano did reveal that Season One--which still has a few episodes left--will have a big death.

"We have life-or-death stakes baked into the show and we've been gentle with the death side of that coin," she told TV Insider. "We are going to lose someone who we love a lot. It'll come as a great shock."

The Release Date

The official release date for Fire Country Season 2 is still TBD, and for a good reason. Season One of the series is still very much in progress.

No one knows for sure how many episodes of the pilot season viewers will get, but TV Line estimates there will be at least 22. According to the official Fire Country Instagram page, new episodes will return to CBS on Fridays at 9/8 central starting on March 31st. If you don't catch the series live, you can always catch up on Paramount+, where new episodes are added the next day.


While a lot is still up in the air about the show's future, it's safe to say Fire Country fans will have plenty of drama to keep them busy until Season 2.

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