How to Fire up Your Barbecue With Tortilla Chips


If you're like me, you probably like to grill as many meals as possible during the summer. If you are feeling impatient, or just have trouble getting your fire started, there's a quick and easy trick that uses something you probably already have in your kitchen. In the helpful video above, you can see how tortilla chips can easily and effectively get your grill going in no time.

All you have to do is pile your chips on top of the pieces of charcoal, then use a match to set the chip on fire. Although this video just shows plain tortilla chips, you can also use many flavored chips like Doritos or even Cheetos to get your fire going. In just a few seconds, the chips will act as kindling and will heat up your grill in no time. It's a much easier and cheaper option than getting specialty fire-starters or charcoal for your barbecue. This video even has a bonus hack that shows you how to keep your hands from getting gross and greasy while cooking burgers.

Next time you head outdoors to grill up some burgers or hot dogs, don't forget your bag of chips and get to grilling!

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How to Fire up Your Barbecue With Tortilla Chips