Map Shows Every State’s Favorite Holiday Movie

You’re not truly celebrating the holiday season right if you don’t spend it cozied up on the couch with hot chocolate watching your favorite holiday movies. There’s nothing quite like watching the holiday movie you love the most over and over again each year. But did you know that your most beloved holiday film might have something to do with your location? According to a map from CableTV, each U.S. state has a distinctly popular Christmas movie.

To figure it all out, they took AMC’s top-rated holiday movies and cross-referenced them with Google Trends state data from the last 10 years. This map shows the film that’s most prevalently viewed in each state, and what it might mean about its residents.

Favorite Holiday Movie state map

Let’s go ahead and point out the obvious — the West Coast somehow finds joy in watching creepy holiday films that are also kind of Halloween movies. In California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico, there was a distinct trend with people viewing The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The 2003 Will Ferrel comedy, Elf, was spread around the country but found mostly in the Midwest and New England. Home Alone was also found in various regions across the U.S.  Texas, Florida, Georgia and Oregon all love watching little Macaulay Culkin get left behind by his family and have to stave off burglars all by himself.

Some states seemed to gravitate toward movies that were set in their state. For instance, Home Alone in Illinois and It’s a Wonderful Life in New York. There was also something notable about Southern states — they tended to enjoy comedies and cartoons, like Charlie Brown’s Christmas and Christmas Vacation.

As for the New England states, they enjoy classic, nostalgic holiday movies. And West Virginia apparently makes terrible life choices by opting to watch Bad Santa.

Check out more regional breakdowns over on CableTV.

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Map Shows Every State’s Favorite Holiday Movie