This Short Film Will Change The Way You Think About Cowboys

This inspiring short documentary examines the unique relationship between two best friends and what it really means to be a cowboy.

What does it mean to be a cowboy? Is it a certain way of life, a specific style or image, or is it a mindset? In the short film Cowboy - As I Am, directed by Philip Hodges, the true meaning of what it is to be a cowboy is investigated through the eyes of two best friends.

Steven Millward has been in a wheel chair ever since he was thrown off a rodeo horse and broke his neck twenty years ago. Every summer, his best friend and horse trainer Grant Golliher helps new colts enter into Millward's herd. Through the nine minute long film, we see the journey that the friends take together as Golliher trains the young horses and inspires Millward to keep pursuing his dreams.

The beauty of "Cowboy - As I Am" is that it does not try to promote or push any ideals or stereotypes on what it means to be a cowboy. Instead, the focus is the fearlessness and dedication that Millward shows encapsulates the true ideal of being a cowboy. The nine minutes you'll spend on this video will leave you inspired and appreciative of what you are able to accomplish, no matter what difficulties are in your way.

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This Short Film Will Change The Way You Think About Cowboys