Everything You Need to Camp at a Music Festival


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Festival season is upon us and it is one of the most glorious seasons of the year. If you're anything like me, you love going to every music festival you can, because, who doesn't like live music? So, to prepare you, I've decided to help you out with a must-have festival camping checklist to get you ready for the big day. Whether you prefer roughing it or glamping, these are some products that you definitely need in order to survive the fun days ahead.

Traveling can be expensive if you're planning on going to another city for a festival. But it doesn't have to be. Consider camping in your car outside the venue vs. renting a luxury RV. Our camping checklist is full of affordable items that will make sure you keep to your budget so you can go sing your heart out while listening to your favorite performers at whatever music festival you plan on visiting.

1. A Nice Camping Tent



Ozark Trail Dome Tent - Walmart, $39

If you do decide to camp in your car, take it up a notch by sleeping under the stars...or tent. Time to get that camping gear. Pop-up Tents are very convenient when you're going camping, but they can also help if you are deciding to sleep outside of the venue. This Ozark Trail 4 Person Outdoor Camping Dome Tent is perfect for those who want enough room at night. It fits four people, but you can easily use it for two people and use the other space for storage. You can even fit a queen-size air mattress with extra room to store all of your belongings and other camping items. Music festival camping? I'm in!

2. A Cozy Sleeping Bag


Coleman Sleeping Bag - Walmart, $25.97+

Of course, you can't go camping without a good set of sleeping bags. Luckily for you, these big and tall sleeping bags will cover you from head to toe and keep you nice and cozy. It is very lightweight and has a zipper that helps keep body heat from escaping so you can stay warm even when it's cold outside. And the best part about this is that it has interior tuck pockets that you can use to stash small items such as your phone or a charger.

3. A First Aid Kit For Emergencies

Equate First Aid Kit - Walmart, $5.98

The last thing you want when you're on the festival grounds is to not be prepared for the unexpected. Which is why a first aid kit is very essential not only for you but for people around you. Of course, you have your everyday items such as hand sanitizer, sunscreen, baby wipes, but let's step it up a notch with stuff that we actually use. This Equate on the Go First Aid Kit is perfect since it comes in a durable plastic case and is a Pack & Go convenience.


It includes bandages, nonstick and sterile pads, cotton-tipped applicators, tape, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic towelettes, alcohol prep pads, some depressor, rubber gloves, cold press, and the first aid guy. The only thing missing in this bad boy is lip balm and deodorant, which you should bring separately anyways. If you ask me, this is the best festival accessory for the best price.

4. A Moisture-wicking Shirt To Stay Cool And Dry


Jerzees Moisture Wicking Crew Shirt - Walmart, $8.26+

If you're going to be at a festival in the middle of the summer, the last thing you need is to get sunburned. It's important that one wears sunscreen, of course, you can also stay protected by using clothing that will help you stay safe. Did you know that was even a thing? In this instance, moisture-wicking long sleeve crew t-shirts are your best bet for your skin not to burn. They're very lightweight and are made with dry powder technology that keeps moisture away, keeping you cool and dry throughout your day. Don't forget those wellies!

5. A Battery Operated Headlamp

Energizer Headlamp - Walmart, $9.97

Yes, you read that right, headlamp. Before you go and call me crazy, how many times have you been stuck at a concert or festival finding your way to the porta-potties in the dark and stepping on something gross? See, this is your lifesaver. I promise this works because I do it myself whenever I go see someone live. It saves you so much time since you can easily see everything around you and this way you won't touch anything unwanted such as toilet paper, pee, or worse.


6. Travel Earplugs

Pluggerz Travel Earplugs - Walmart, $9.24

Obviously, we want to protect our ears while going to a festival, so why not use the travel-size earplugs. Sometimes the music can be really loud, so you want to protect your ears with noise reduction earplugs that keep your ears comfortable. It's a smart move for children or those who don't really like loud music as much. Think of your eardrums! Plus, if you want to head to bed early one night, you'll easily still be able to hear the music from the festival from your campsite. This will help make sure you're able to block out the sound and get some shut-eye before your next full day of festival fun.

7. A Hydration Backpack

Ozark Trail Hydration Backpack - Walmart, $27.97

I know I'm not the only one who thinks that water bottles can be such a waste of time when it comes to going to festivals. That take up a lot of space and can be hard to keep track of. It's all about hydration packs nowadays, because they are so convenient, especially because you can use them as a backpack as well. You can also use this on your next hiking trip if you want, it's really a great source of getting water when you're going to be outside for long periods of time.

This hydration pack has two compartments for storage and organization as well as a chef pocket to carry extra items. All you have to do is go up to the festival tent that is serving water, and boom! You're refreshed. So not only do you get water, but you can pull out the frisbee and the portable speakers whenever it gets low and play around with others. It's genius.

8. A Comfortable Camping Chair

Ozark Trail Camping Chair - Walmart, $7.47

If you don't want to sit on a blanket at a festival, the next best sitting option is definitely camping chairs. It's a great option since all you have to do is simply put it on your back like a backpack and boom, you're set to enjoy your live music. The best part about these camping chairs is that they are not expensive at all. You can get one for under $8 and it works just as great. You're saving you back...and your bum! Plus, you don't have to worry about anyone trampling on your blanket.


9. A Clear Backpack That's Stylish And Fits Everything

Eastsport Backpack - Walmart, $11.99+

Last but definitely not least, you have your clear backpack. Now I know, this could be dangerous, especially if you're carrying around a wallet or loose change, but it's convenient because staff members will let you in the festival faster. Think about it, they can already see what's in your backpack. They will let you pass the line quicker, and it saves them some time. Also, you can see what's in there at all times, so you won't lose anything if you're actively keeping track of your pack.

So, there you have it, festival-goers! What are you adding to your shopping list this year?

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