Father of Two Beaten to Death After Kenny Chesney Concert

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Seattle Police Department is investigating the death of a man who was beaten after a Kenny Chesney concert.

Benito Enriquez went to buy t-shirts for his two daughters following Chesney's show on June 27, but never made it back.

"He went to go meet us at the car," Joey Smith, who attended the concert with Enriquez, told USA Today. "So we made our way back and we saw the police activity and the road shut down and I said 'This isn't good,' because he wasn't there waiting for us."

Enriquez was severely beaten on his way to the vehicle and later died from his injuries at a nearby hospital.

This is just the latest in a series of concerning incidents during Chesney's Big Revival Tour. In early June at his Pittsburgh concert, a drunk fan broke a woman's back and five men were arrested for pushing a man onto the tracks at a train station. On June 20 at Chesney's Green Bay, Mich. show, cops were "overwhelmed" by the amount of drunk fans.

This concerning string of events has left many wondering what's inciting the sudden influx of bad behavior from concertgoers. Chesney's stadium shows are known by most as huge, alcohol-fueled parties that begin at tailgating sessions in venue parking lots. Although he can't be blamed for individuals' poor choices, some say it may be time for the performer to address the reputation that his concerts have earned.

Police described the suspect who caused Enriquez's death as a Hispanic, Middle-Eastern or Pacific Islander man in his 20s, approximately 6 feet tall with a medium-to-stocky build. The man was wearing a black and white "trucker" style baseball cap, white v-neck t-shirt and black shorts at the time of the incident.

According to police, the man was accompanied by a possibly pregnant white woman in her 20s. She had long, straight blonde hair, wore a red, pink and white-patterned dress and was seen carrying a shoulder bag.

If you have any information on the incident, Seattle Police ask that you call their homicide tip-line at (206) 233-5000.

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Father of Two Beaten to Death After Kenny Chesney Concert