A Father Perfectly Responds to Dinner Table Distractions [WATCH]

Modern dinner table distractions are addressed with humor in this clever video.

Technology is everywhere. It’s hard to avoid and even harder to disconnect from, especially for younger generations. This short video shows an increasingly more common occurrence during family dinners.

In the video, a disgruntled father looks on as his two sons text at the dinner table. When asks one son to simply “pass the salt,” the son mindlessly slides over the pepper shaker.

His father responds by slamming a typewriter down on the table and begins typing away. When his sons ask their father what he’s doing, his response prompts a sudden change in behavior from the teens.

The short film perfectly addresses the disconnect between parents and their children of when and where technology is appropriate. The tradition of dinner table conversation being a family-oriented experience is one that has been disappearing with the rise in reliance on phones and other tech devices.

The video’s simple message is a great reminder for all ages that staying connected doesn’t always mean staring at a screen.

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A Father Perfectly Responds to Dinner Table Distractions [WATCH]