Small Town Community Helps Grieving Farmer Harvest 100 Acres in 1 Day

Something terrible happened to Steve Wollyung of Indiana as he was recently preparing to harvest the final 112 acres of his farm. Steve's four-year-old granddaughter got trapped in a grain wagon. After being airlifted to Cincinnati Children's Hospital, she passed away due to the injuries she sustained.

When a death in the family occurs, it is impossible to think about work. That's why the local farming community came together to help the grieving grandparents. According to Fox News, soon over 60 people from nearby counties  had volunteered to help. Those who couldn't provide equipment donated their time and food to fuel the volunteers.

This motivated group proved that teamwork truly does make the dream work. The community finished harvesting 18,463 bushels that day, an accomplishment Steve said would have taken him about a week on his own.

"All of the support and the number of people wanting to help is just overwhelming," said Steve. "It was emotional to see everyone. Whatever we needed, they brought."

Fox News / Tara Henry
Fox News / Tara Henry

What a great testament to the integrity, generosity and work ethic of farmers. "The Fayette County area is often looked down on because the unemployment rate is high and there's no money," Wollyung told Fox News. "But this truly shows the people in (Fayette, Wayne and Union counties) will drop everything to help their neighbors in times of need."

Although Steve's story is sad, it's beautiful how his neighbors stepped up during a tough time. The family also said that they want to educate children about the dangers of farm equipment in the future. They hope that no family should ever have to lose a child due to an accident like they experienced. Our thoughts go out to the Wollyung family during this tough time.

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Small Town Community Helps Grieving Farmer Harvest 100 Acres in 1 Day