5 Affordable Farming Boots That Work as Hard as the Folks Filling Them

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Farmers work in every sort of tough condition imaginable, from rainstorms to shoveling muck out of animal stalls. What laborers choose to wear on their feet when they go to work is an important part of how they'll keep comfortable, dry, and safe. Like a reliable pair of Carhartt coveralls, a good pair of farming boots is required uniform for anyone working in the fields.

A sturdy pair of boots needs to be many things: flexible yet durable, water-resistant, and protective. In addition to all those aspects, it also helps when safety boots are affordable too. From Ariat to Timberland, every boot maker has a special style when it comes to crafting farming boots. To help you cut through the muck, we've selected some of the best boot styles to keep your farmer comfy and protected. These farming boots are made for walking, keep reading to find out all the places they can go.

The Best Farming Boots

1. TIDEWE Rubber Work Boot for Men with Steel Toe & Steel Shank

Steel toe work boots are an important part of any farmer's life, especially if they spend their time working around heavy-duty machines and materials. Yet, sometimes the boots that feature a safety toe are not always the best for working around water or the mess of farm life. These rubber boots are the exception.

A high neoprene upper allows farmers to stay dry and cozy while a steel toe and shank defend their feet like the best protective boot around. The sturdy comfortability of a removable arch support insole has given these boots an Amazon rating of 4.4 of 5-stars. Ranked by farmers, hunters, and fishery workers alike. There isn't a job these boots can't do.

2. Hisea Rain Boots for Women Mid Calf Muck Boots

Women who work on the farm or garden have the same needs as men. These breathable, neoprene farm boots from Hisea are tall enough to meet them. They have been designed with a special lug pattern on the outsole that is self-cleaning and anti-slip. As Hisea says, this means traction is never sacrificed, whether working the land, walking the dog, or hunting.

In addition to the rubber sole, the upper boot sleeve comes in several different patterns and colors. Most importantly, they are ranked for comfort between -4° Fahrenheit to 68° Fahrenheit. You'll want to keep them on nearly year-round.

3. BOGS Men's Sauvie Slip-on Low Height Chukka Waterproof Rain Boot

If your farm work does not involve heavy machinery, then you probably can consider a soft toe boot. As a gardener myself, I appreciate the value of a steel toe, but boy, do they give me blisters. Non-slip chukka boots are a comfortable (and trendy) option for work shoes.

Like many other farming boots, this chukka-style cut from BOGS offers a water-resistant neoprene layer (called Neo-Tech) by the bootmaker. Additionally, DuraFresh functionality from BOGS helps to fight unwanted odors. These boots are technically sized for men but have a unisex style that can fit women as well.

4. Servus by Honeywell Men's Knee Farmer Boot

The Servus men's boots from Honeywell are recommended for industrial applications from poultry farming to oil rigs. Made from a proprietary injection-molded, triple-density PVC material, these are wellington boots that are made to last. Plus, at a varying price of $35 to $75, Honeywell boots are an inexpensive way to protect your farmer (or yourself) from electrical hazards. At least Amazon reviewer Shawn P. thinks so:

5. Ariat Canyon Boots - Women's Round Toe Lace-Up Leather Rancher Boot

When it comes to high-quality boots and ranch gear, Ariat leads the way. The Women's Ranchers are a pair of full-grain leather boots that look casual while putting in the work (just like a true farmer). The Ariat four-layer footbed technology increases foot support and shock absorption through the midsole and into the leather upper. They are specifically designed for balancing in the rocky, uneven terrain that farmers know well. Ladies, it'll be tough to find a better farming boot out there.

Remember this when shopping for a reliable pair of farming boots: every set is different, and each style offers a unique advantage for a different purpose. From Vibram to Georgia Boots, be sure to consider your specific farming needs and find the brand that works for you!