Video of Farmer Rescuing Baby Alpaca Goes Viral

Facebook/Govins Farm

Farmer John Govin from Menomonie, Wisc. found himself making a very unusual rescue earlier this month. After a baby alpaca was missing for more than 24 hours on his farm, he found it sunk under the ground, trapped. Presumably, the one-week-old had been taking a dust bath (as alpacas love to do) when it fell into an old badger hole.

When John found the baby alpaca sunk into the badger hole, he worked to shovel away enough to dirt to get the baby out. The concerned mother alpaca stood watch, humming and watching John. At one point, John thought he got enough dirt out to lift the baby from the hole, and the mother came to have a look, but the babe was still stuck.

Eventually, John was able to loosen up the ground enough to pull the baby out of the hole. It stood for a moment, looking a little stunned, and then walked toward its mother. The mother and baby happily reunited and went on their merry way, thanks to farmer John!

John owns Govin’s Farm with his wife Julie, and their two sons, Kyle and Clayton. The family raises livestock and has a strawberry picking field in the summer months. In the fall, Govin’s Farm boasts a corn maze, duck races, hay rides and a pumpkin cannon.

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Video of Farmer Rescuing Baby Alpaca Goes Viral