This Farmer Organized Cow Choreography to the '1812 Overture'

Screengrab via YouTube

Farmer Derek Klingenburg, of YouTube fame, is an eccentric videographer and leader of the potential #CowArt movement who is just excited to be farming. His YouTube channel grows daily with over 26 million views on his videos and just under 62,000 followers.

While he performs cow choreography with regularity, he most often makes parodies of popular songs in videos like, "Farmer Derek Does the Whip Nae Nae," and "What Does the Farmer Say?" which bolstered a whopping 6.2 million views itself. In this clip, we watch as he uses a drone to capture the organization of 300 cattle in a dedication to #CowArt, in tune to Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture".

But who are the real stars of this "cow choreography" performance? The cows, of course. With the help of his trusty ranch hands, the men move the cows into positions that form a smiley face and a few firework-like rotations in his call for more #CowArt in the world. Truly, cows have never looked more majestic than when they're coordinated like a well-timed university marching band.

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If Klingenburg looks familiar, it's for good reason. He previously went viral with his infamous trombone session where he literally called his cows home to Lorde's hit, "Royals."

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This Farmer Organized Cow Choreography to the '1812 Overture'