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Immerse Yourself in Farm Life at This Unique Animal Sanctuary

A non-profit animal rescue is letting visitors completely immerse themselves in farm life on their beautiful properties.

Farm Sanctuary is a beautiful getaway where you can give back and volunteer for a great cause.  According to their website, their rescue animals love lots of human interaction and affection from visitors.

"We rescue, rehabilitate, and provide lifelong care for hundreds of animals who have been saved from stockyards, factory farms, and slaughterhouses," the Sanctuary's website explains. "At our three shelters, rescued residents are given the care and love they need to recover from abuse and neglect. All of the animals enjoy nourishing food, clean barns, and green pastures each and every day."

One of their three locations now has tiny houses where visitors can actually stay and enjoy all the perks of farm life. The upstate New York sanctuary sits on 175 acres and takes care of approximately 500 rescued animals. Visitors can take a tour of the grounds and say hello to the animals before relaxing inside their cozy cabin. The sound of roosters crowing will be the only thing you'll hear during the tranquil escape.

If the west coast is more your thing, you can visit one of the Farm Sanctuary's two California locations in Los Angeles and Orland. The L.A. sanctuary sits on a 26-acre ranch and features family-friendly youth tours for school and community groups. The breathtaking farm in Orland sits near Black Butte Lake and houses approximately 300 rescued animals.

Find out more about the Farm Sanctuary on their official website or chip in and donate to their fund.

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