Farm Family Sings Hymn Inside a Silo, and it Sounds Incredible

Screengrab via YouTube

One talented farm family moved their group sing-a-long into a silo and the result is absolutely incredible.

Silos, the large metal cylindrical structures on farms, are used to store bulk materials. A lesser known fact about the giant storage receptacles, is that they also happen to have shockingly great acoustics, as this talented family proved in the most unique way.

The family filmed themselves singing "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" a cappella inside their silo and the video has since received over 360,000 views on YouTube.

After listening to the song for just a few seconds it is clear why the video has gone viral. While the quartet starts the hymn singing in unison, they quickly branch off into amazing four-part harmonies.

The haunting acoustics of the empty silo coupled with the family's seamless harmonies is truly mesmerizing. Watch the video below.

One word: goosebumps. By the sound of how effortlessly the family members' voices blend together, you can guess that they've probably been singing together for years.

If you're a farmer and find yourself in the mood to belt out some tunes, trade your shower singing for a silo session! The results might just surprise you.

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Farm Family Sings Hymn Inside a Silo, and it Sounds Incredible