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Free-Roaming Kentucky Farm Dog Becomes Viral Sensation

An adorable adventuring farm dog has become a viral sensation for his love of the great outdoors.

Dew is a gorgeous yellow labrador from Kentucky. He's got quite the life on his owner's rolling 70-acre farm, but that's not enough to contain Dew. Even with all that space, he likes to roam away from home.

His owners realized quickly that Dew's free spirit couldn't be contained, so they spelled it out on his name tag. He proudly wears a blue collar with a silver tag that reads, "My name is Dew. I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home."

Tyler Wilson lives in Louisville and was lucky enough to meet the adventurous farm dog. He snapped a few photos of the lab at a local gas station and tweeted the images. He got over 121,000 retweets and now Dew's story is all over the internet!

Dew's daily adventures don't bring him too far from his home, but they're still pretty impressive. He likes to visit the local school, hang out with his neighbors and even makes trips to the fire station. While he may not be a fire dog per se, he looks pretty stinking cute napping next to a fire truck.

You can follow along with Dew's adventures through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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