Fans are Determined to Bring 'Nashville' Back to TV


In a surprise move, ABC announced on May 12 that they have no intention of renewing the television series Nashville. The series finale is now set to air on May 25, which has left fans upset and angry about the loss of their favorite show.

Naturally, the fans didn't take the cancellation lightly, nor did they decide to simply allow it to fade off into oblivion. Instead, they took on the network with a huge petition regarding the cancellation. The petition, which is currently being passed around on Change.org, was born when Matthew Nelson first heard the news of ABC's cancellation of Nashville.

He is hoping to receive 150,000 signatures, but is currently at 95,000 signees. Nelson plans to send the petition to all the major networks in the hopes of someone picking up the show for a 5th season. Other Nashville fans, as well as the stars of the show, have been showing their support for the show under the hashtag #BringBackNashville.

The move to cancel the long-running show was actually pretty surprising to fans and analysts. While ratings for Nashville had never been extraordinary, it did produce healthy numbers that would normally indicate a renewal. However, the network says it was the best fit for the other shows on their schedule, even though they originally planned to renew the show.

As surprised as the show's fans were about the cancellation, the stars of it were even more surprised. Showrunners were already chosen for season 5, and they were preparing to take the stage once more.

If you would like to sign the petition yourself, you can do so here.

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Fans are Determined to Bring 'Nashville' Back to TV