Family Was Allegedly Served Insect Repellant At Restaurant
Photo By 9News

Family Was Allegedly Served Insect Repellant At Restaurant: "Felt Like Somebody Poured Fire On Your Stomach"

Prepare yourselves for a ride of a story. A mother and her two daughters spent hours at a hospital. Why? Well, the whole family went out to eat at an Italian restaurant. Michelle Lemin, the mother, ordered cranberry juice for her daughters. And, really, a direct quote from Michelle tells you everything you need to know.

Per 9News: "My daughters just went to gulp it down and they both spat the cranberry juice out and said 'It's poisoned.'" Michelle, of course, is initially skeptical. But when she takes a sip herself, she has a similar reaction. That's when the family starts to panic.

"I was really scared of what it was. And I was scared I was gonna die," Olivia, one of the daughters, said.

"The manager didn't want to give my husband the bottle. And another waiter stood up and told everyone that everything was okay," Michelle said. "My husband called out 'No, it's not okay.'"

Reportedly, the husband, Marcus, demanded to see what exactly it was the servers had given them. He was allegedly handed a citronella-based insecticide from a fridge.

A Family Is Allegedly Given Insecticide Instead Of Juice At A Restaurant

"It felt like somebody had poured fire on your stomach. And it felt like you had pins and needles in your arms and legs," Olivia stated. Consequently, Michelle and her daughters were rushed to nearby medical centers.

Afterward, Michelle recalled saying she didn't feel well, that her stomach was burning, and that she had a headache. Furthermore, they were monitored for six hours before being allowed to go home. A member of the restaurant's staff would say that the situation was "very concerning."

"All about this is under investigation, and when I know exactly [what happened], I will let you know," a staff member said.

"I think it's pretty simple right? You can't manage a restaurant and allow chemicals to be in an area when these things can happen," Marcus said.

The City of Nedlands is investigating the incident, alongside WA Health. When we at Wide Open Country learn more, we'll be sure to update our readership accordingly.