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Hear Zac Brown Band's Heartfelt New Song 'Family Table'

Zac Brown Band is feeling really grateful. Just listen to the band's newest song "Family Table," an ode to a piece of furniture that builds love and relationship as much as it holds plates.

Officially the third track released from new album Welcome Home, "Family Table" doesn't do too much. It doesn't stretch a huge metaphor or get cute. The song just simply sings the praises of something many of us take for granted.

And thematically, it fits right in with the other two songs Zac Brown Band released. Both "Real Thing" and "My Old Man" capture a certain nostalgic wistfulness. With "Family Table," Brown continues the vibe of finding art in every day things. "Ain't too many things that can stand the test of time," Brown sings.

Laced with fiddle and guitar harmonies over percussion reminiscent of his island tunes, "Family Table" just makes you feel good. And it wouldn't be a Zac Brown Band record without songs that love a few jam sections. And this one's definitely got a good one.

When the band said Welcome Home was a return to their roots, they clearly meant it. The album already feels like "welcome home" is more than just a title. It's the entire theme and mood the band sets.

That desire to bring you home makes sense, too. The band has been on a whirlwind tour of dates all across the globe. After the eclectic, far-spanning Jekyll + Hyde, Zac Brown Band is keeping it much simpler.

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Of course, simple for Brown and company still means heartfelt lyrics virtuoso levels of playing. Debut single "My Old Man" made it to No. 10 on the charts, a rare feat for a ballad led mostly by guitar and scarce piano. Their new album, Welcome Home, drops May 12, the same day they launch the Welcome Home Tour.

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