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The 5 Best Places to Purchase Fall Mum Flowers

Mums are the iconic fall flower, the plants that begin blooming when many of the other annuals and perennials in your garden are past their prime. Fall mums, short for Chrysanthemums, bring a beautiful splash of color to your garden, and are a great way to extend your garden as long as possible because of their late growing season.

There are two types of mums; garden mums and perennial mums. Perennials will come back each year, so if you plant them, your garden is all set for next year as well. These fall plants' bloom time typically starts in late summer, around the end of July. The late fall bloomers will grow flower buds and show off their beautiful colors in October. Most mums will bloom for four to eight weeks, giving you plenty of time to enjoy their full blooms.

Growing Fall Mums

Also called hardy mums, fall mums do well in USDA hardiness zones between 3 and 9, so basically anywhere except in extreme climates. Spring planting is ideal, but as long as you plant mums at least six weeks before the first hard frost, your flowers will have time to put down a strong root system for the winter.

To ensure that these lovely blooms make it to their growing season, feed them monthly from early spring until late July. Overwintering is also important! Once the foliage has died, trim the dead stems to the ground. When spring comes around again, with proper care your mums should start having new growth and grow gorgeous blooms by the fall. For a late fall garden full of beautiful blooms, here are the 5 best places to buy fall mums!

The Home Depot

The Home Depot has a garden center full of potted plants, ideal for DIY fall decor or a fall garden. Mums are no exception, and you can find them among other houseplants and flowers. Choose between a wide variety of sizes and colors, with a number of pot options as well. If you don't feel like heading to Home Depot, they also offer free delivery on many indoor plants.


Although Target isn't what comes to mind when you think of a florist or garden center, they do have a selection of potted mums for your fall garden. Put your new plants on your front porch alongside pumpkins and fall decor, or plant them in your garden for a beautiful display of mum blooms. Check your local Target to see which mums they have in store!

Lowes Home Improvement

Lowes Home Improvement is the place to go for all household needs, from building a dresser to planting a garden. Their extensive garden center has a huge selection of mums in every color, some at only $3.68. You can also buy the mulch, potting soil and other garden supplies you need, along with hanging basket plants if you prefer those. If you're looking for a large selection, Lowes is a great choice.

Walmart Garden Center

Walmart is another store that seems to function as whatever you need it to be, from a grocery store to a garden center. The Walmart Garden Center also supplies many colors, and offers 3-day shipping for those too busy to head to the store.


For those looking exclusively for plants that can be shipped, Amazon is a great way to go. Choose between many different options of mum plants and pots, and get your mums within a few days of ordering. Enjoy a fall garden full of colors!

You can also check at your local nursery or florist for these beautiful fall flowers!

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