SXSW Poster Advertising Fake Midland Show Goes Viral


It's a SXSW tradition. Someone starts a rumor that a band is playing a strange venue, and since it's during the massive Austin festival that's known for its outlandish happenings, people spread the rumor in hopes that the show is real. This year, a poster for a fake show featured country music trio Midland playing at a Chili's restaurant north of downtown on March 17th.

The poster was uploaded to Instagram (and assumedly created by) @burgercityrocknroll on March 7th, a couple of days ahead of SXSW's official dates from the 9th - 18th. Since Reddit loves Chili's jokes, the poster spread to the social news aggregator with some people wishing aloud that the poster was real, and others being quick to point out that it's probably fake. "Their current record is pretty awesome...would definitely suck it up and see them at Chili's if it were a real thing," Redditor philpool wrote.

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Even though the show was never going to happen, the fact that the poster looks so cool and advertises "SXSWestern eggrolls" for $3 makes it impossible not to love. Plus, it conjures up an image of the Dripping Springs band playing one of the city's least glamourous venues in their over-the-top flashy country garb. Too bad the show wasn't real.

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SXSW Poster Advertising Fake Midland Show Goes Viral