Texas Red Dirt Artists Release 'Faith In The Water' for Hurricane Victims

An all-star cast of some of Texas' best and brightest Red Dirt artists came together for a very cool cause. Dubbed "The Texas Red Dirt Choir," the musical collective recorded a new song called "Faith In The Water," and all the proceeds go towards Hurricane Harvey relief.

The goal? To raise $1 million for those affected by the natural disaster. They plan to do it by encouraging fans to download, stream and donate directly.

Some of the biggest names from the Texas country and red dirt scene lent their talents to the tune. More than 30 singers appear on the track, including Josh Abbott, Wade Bowen, Pat Green and Cody Johnson. They recorded the song at Bismeaux Studios and all of the musicians donated their time and talents.

Roger Creager co-wrote the song alongside Kyle Hutton. The beautiful tune tells the story of a downtrodden woman trying to weather the storm. Strangers come to rescue by boat and truck to lend a helping hand without even thinking twice. It captures much of the spirit seen in the images of strangers helping each other in the midst of the hurricane.

Singers trade lines effortlessly as the full Texas Red Dirt Choir echoes the refrain. The whole song flows perfectly, swelling to a gospel-like rejoicing.

"We've all seen how Texans have come together in the months since the storm," Kevin Fowler says in a video supporting the song. He asks fans to either download the song from iTunes or donate directly at the Faith In The Water website.

The song hits radio and iTunes on Nov. 3.

Hurricane Harvey devastated much of Southeast Texas. The historic storm caused serious flooding throughout Houston. Estimates place the overall damage around $190 billion.

After the storm, Houston artist Bun B helped organize the national Hand In Hand telethon for Hurricane relief. Since then, artists continue to donate time and talent to raising money for victims of the storm.

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Texas Red Dirt Artists Release 'Faith In The Water' for Hurricane Victims