The Restaurant Where the Kid's Menu Cheese Quesadilla is the "What?"

Let me paint a scene for you. When I was growing up in Maryland, we always spent at least a week in Ocean City, MD. Known for Orange Crushes, scallops, clambakes, and blue crabs, a week at the beach and the boardwalk was always exhausting and exciting. That is, except when the hunger turned to anger, and no one could decide where to eat or what they wanted after the first few nights of steamed crab feasts. Sure, there was Dough Roller pizza, but that's typically beach fare. And while we weren't looking for a super fancy fine dining restaurant, we did want to find something unique. You could find almost every fast food chain on the strip, but you could also find them at home, too. So off to Fager's Island we went, hungry and grumpy.

As an of-age adult, I've spent more than a few nights shimmying and sunburnt on one of Fager's many dance floors. When it comes to nightlife, its live music and live entertainment can't be beat. And you can't forget about their famous deck parties. Do you know how many dance rooms they have, with different acts and DJs spinning? I can't even count (they all blend into one room after Orange Crushes). You want rock and roll your way through a bachelorette party? Go for it! How about reggae? Got it. So as you can probably tell, my love for Fager's Island restaurant and bar runs deep whether its the off-season or the perfect summer day.

So deep, in fact, that I never thought anything of what they name entrees on the Kid's Menu that I looked at for the last 20-something years (never real your age on the internet, y'all!). Until now.

I always wondered why my parents would order whatever complaint I had as an angsty 7-year-old. And now, I have the answer.


Fager's Island

It can be hard to corral a hungry kid into choosing something. With their non-helpful comments, Fager's just wants to make it easy for parents. Take, for example, the "I'm not hungry." A classic choice of chicken tenders, disguised by a complaint.

And the "What?", a classic cheese quesadilla. Or maybe your kid fancies the "I don't care.", also known as the grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich. Where can you go wrong with any of these options? Why don't more restaurants follow suit?

This is only one of the many reasons I love Fager's Island on Ocean City Beach; because it never takes itself too seriously, which is exactly the way a popular beach restaurant and bar should be. If you're in Ocean City this summer, Fager's won't disappoint. Especially if you've got a kid on the verge of tantrum by your side.

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