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The 5 Best Face Masks for Beards (You Won't Even Think About Shaving)

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Throughout the pandemic, men with beards have struggled to find face coverings that meet CDC guidelines and work with their facial hair. Beard-friendly masks weren't available for a while, especially if you had a long beard. These face masks for beards will make wearing masks much more pleasant and are perfect for navigating the rest of the Coronavirus mask-wearing mandate.

We've put together a list of some of the best face masks for bearded men. Many of them are extra large and perfect for anyone with a long beard (or even just a big head)! Check these out if you've struggled to find a face covering that doesn't bother your facial hair.

Best Masks for Beards

1. 4 Pack Bearded Men Extra Large XL Face Mask

This four-pack of extra-large reusable masks is perfect for anyone with a beard. These cloth face masks have adjustable ear straps and come in different colors, so you won't have to rely on owning just one.

2. Purian Face Mask Adult XL (Extra Large) for Men with Beards

With triple-layer cotton filtration, these reusable beard-friendly masks are a fantastic high-quality option. They're machine-washable and use toggle-strap locks to keep the pressure off your ears.

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3. YUESUO Extra Large Face and Beard Fashion Reusable Cloth

These extra-large masks are a great option for anyone with a long beard or facial hair that bothers them while wearing a mask. With adjustable earloops and a variety of different colors available, you can customize these beard-friendly masks in a variety of ways to best fit your beard length.

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4. Multi-Pack Face Bandana with Ear Loops Neck Gaiter Face Scarf

If you prefer a bandana mask over a standard face mask, check these out. The neck gaiter design makes it perfect for anyone with a long beard, though they're designed for unisex use. They're a great face mask for beards and definitely won't leave a beard dent. After all, who wants their full beard ruined by a mask when you just put beard oil in it?

5. BLU HORN Face Mask from Large to 2XL(X-Large)

These triple-layer reusable face masks are perfect for anyone with facial hair. As far as cotton face masks go, these are ideal for anyone with a big head or a beard, and they're super breathable plus machine-washable.

This post was originally published on March 29, 2021.