An Extremely Rare Pink Dolphin was Spotted in a Louisiana Lake

Pinkie, the extremely rare pink dolphin, just made an appearance in a Louisiana lake. Thankfully, plenty of bystanders were on hand to capture images of the beautiful bottlenose dolphin.

Pinkie first appeared in Lake Calcasieu in 2007. The lake is just east of Beaumont, Texas and just south of Lake Charles, Louisiana. Sea water from the Gulf of Mexico runs into it, which gives the lake a nice salt content suitable for dolphins.

Scientists don’t quite know what makes Pinkie so, well, pink. But the prevailing theory is Pinkie is actually an albino. Albinism is a lack of skin pigment, which can affect any species.

In some cases, albinism endangers animals in the wild. Since, you know, it’s hard to hunt or hide from predators when you’re a bright white. Or pink, in Pinkie’s case.

But luckily, Pinkie seems to be thriving in the natural habitat. She’s become a bit of a legend with the locals, and people routinely hop in a boat hoping to catch sight of her. Some Internet users posted images of the most recent Pinkie sighting to Imgur for the whole world to enjoy.

pinkie pink dolphin 1

Other users added pictures of Pinkie to Twitter.

There are some species of river dolphins that appear pink naturally in South America, but it’s exceedingly rare to see a pink bottlenose dolphin.

However, Pinkie was recently spotted with a mate, too. Does that mean more pink bottlenose dolphins could be on the way? It’s hard to tell, but regardless, it’s great to see such a beautiful creature surviving naturally in the wild.

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An Extremely Rare Pink Dolphin was Spotted in a Louisiana Lake