Extreme Flooding in Texas Leaves 12 Missing, Homes Destroyed

Record-setting rains resulted in devastating flooding that caused hundreds of homes to be washed away.

It's been a holiday weekend full of severe weather for those in the southern United States.

The impact of the intense rainfall was most heavily felt in the Hays County region of Texas, which is located just north of Austin. The Blanco River in Hays County rose to 40.2 feet, which broke a record crest in 1929 by nearly six feet, The Weather Channel reported.

The flooding prompted dozens of rescues by police officers in the areas along the Blanco for residents that had become trapped by the rapidly moving waters. According to NBC News, 400 homes were damaged or destroyed and over 1000 residents were displaced from the flooding. In the town of San Marcos, a man was killed from the flood waters, while rescue crews searched for eight missing people in the nearby town of Wimberly.

Although Hays County got the bulk of the flooding impact, the effects were felt across Texas and Oklahoma. In Houston, the severe weather caused an apartment building to collapse, which left two people injured and many without homes. A woman died after her car hydroplaned in Tulsa, and two others were killed in Oklahoma after being swept away by intense floodwaters.

The main impacts from this weekend's weather may be over, but the threat for additional severe weather in the coming days is still high. Severe weather conditions are forecasted for the entire Southern region, including already hard-hit Texas and Oklahoma, with predicted amounts anywhere from three to five additional inches of rain. The added rain will only further delay attempts by residents and officials to cleanup from the devastating event.

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Extreme Flooding in Texas Leaves 12 Missing, Homes Destroyed