Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing: Soap Box Derby Meets Demolition Derby

Since man first discovered fire, we've been harnessing technology to bend to our whim.

Developments in agriculture and farming made our lives a bit easier and more convenient. The Industrial Revolution brought about new ways to streamline factory work, and the recent technology revolution has allowed us to document our every action for better or worse.

In this vein of heralded technology improvements, I give you: Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing: A combination of soapbox derby and demolition derby.

Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing is not for the faint of heart. And there's no way to guarantee who will win. See the sport in action in the video below:

As you can see in the video above, the races begin at the top of a hill, and two racers go head-to-head wearing nothing but a motorcycle helmet for protection. The cars have been stripped of their power gears and motors, so all the drivers can do is steer.

There are no brakes, unless you count your arms, legs and the other driver as brakes. The winner is the first person down the hill-- by any means necessary.

The sport got its organized start a few years ago when Busted Knuckle Films began uploading impromptu races to its YouTube channel. Rallies all over the country now have organized tournaments, like Rally in the Valley in the Arkansas River Valley and Ricky B'Day (RBD) 13 on Morris Mountain in Delta, Ala.

Some cash prizes go as high as $500.

The sport's popularity has taken off because... well obviously, because grown-ass men can ride down hills at speeds of more than 25 MPH with no control. But since there's no gears and no motors, the riders are at the whims of the hill they ride on, which levels the playing field for everybody. It is as egalitarian a racing sport as we will ever see in America.

Plus, you get to run into other people.

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Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing: Soap Box Derby Meets Demolition Derby