When Summer’s mother Vivian moves in with her and her young daughter Chloe, her orderly existence is upended. Upon arrival, Vivian sets up an heirloom, miniature Christmas village resembling their town, and tells Chloe it grants Christmas wishes. As Chloe begins setting up the figurines, real-life events seem to mimic the scenes she creates. Photo: Maria Meadows, Marlo Thomas, Maesa Nicholson
Credit: ©2022 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Kailey Schwerman

Extras Needed For Hallmark Movie Filming in North Carolina

Hallmark fans, rejoice! The network is searching for extras to appear in its latest holiday film, A Biltmore Christmas, which will begin production in January. The Yuletide romance will shoot on-location at the iconic Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, and the film is looking for background performers in the area. If you've ever dreamed of being in a Hallmark Christmas movie, now's your chance.

The film's casting agency, The Casting Office Inc., put out an open call for people of all ages, ethnicities and gender identities to appear as background performers in Hallmark's A Biltmore Christmas, set within the 8,000-acre Gilded Age Vanderbilt castle. The film will be shot over the course of two weeks in January at the Biltmore Estate, and applications for background performers are now open.

No experience is needed, but the casting agency's website clearly states that extras should be prepared to work 12-to-14-hour days. (Guess those stories of Hallmark movie boot camps were true after all.)

For more information on how to apply, visit the casting agency's open call.

For those of us who don't live anywhere near Asheville, North Carolina — well, no dice. But we did get a consolation prize in the form of an official description of the upcoming film. Starring fan favorites Bethany Joy Lenz and Kristoffer Polaha, A Biltmore Christmas is a film-within-a-film time-travel romp with romance, magic and Christmas miracles. Shame we'll have to wait until next year's Hallmark Christmas Countdown to set eyes on it.

Here's the official description of A Biltmore Christmas:

"Lucy Collins (Lenz) is a screenwriter who lands the job of a lifetime when she's hired to write the script for a remake of the beloved holiday movie His Merry Bride! First filmed in 1947 at beautiful Biltmore House, it has long been considered a Christmas classic. As Christmas approaches, Lucy travels to Biltmore Estate for research. She joins a guided tour of the grounds where she gets insights into the history of the location and the filming of His Merry Bride!, and once inside the house, she's drawn to a beautiful hourglass. When Lucy accidentally knocks it over, she finds herself transported back in time to 1946 — the Golden Age of Hollywood — as cast and crew prepare to film His Merry Bride! at Biltmore. Lucy does her best to navigate an unfamiliar place as a woman out of time, charming some and raising suspicions of others. It's not long before Lucy catches the eye of the film's dashing lead Jack Huston (Polaha) and although she initially rebuffs his advances, their connection soon becomes undeniable. Lucy's sudden appearance sets off a chain of events that put the production in jeopardy. Before she can return to the present, she must make things right or threaten to alter the future forever. Lucy has one chance to go home but must say goodbye to the man who might be her soulmate unless some Christmas magic can keep the curtain from closing on their love story."

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