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This Company Lets You Rent Your Own Slice of Texas Paradise for the Weekend


Do you dream of a vacation that is authentically Texas? Maybe a week spent horseback riding in the Texas Hill Country outside of Austin, or exploring the Colorado River by day, before going home to a steak and a Shiner beer? Or maybe trekking around Big Bend State Park? Whether you're from New York City and want to live the western life for a while, or are just an outdoor enthusiast who wants to get out of Houston or San Antonio for the weekend, the company Explore Ranches has the perfect vacation for you.

Explore Ranches has a simple but incredibly awesome premise. They rent out private ranches in Texas for vacations that are both luxurious and wonderfully rustic and, most importantly, Texan. With Explore Ranches, founded by local Texans Jay Kleberg, Allison Ryan and Jesse Womack, the vacation centers around a Texas ranch. But the fun doesn't stop with the real estate. There are catered meals, horseback rides, rivers and lakes to cool off in and paddle through, swimming pools to relax by and so much more. It's basically if Airbnb, Texas, and luxury had a baby together. So really, it's everything you need for the perfect weekend getaway all in one stop.

While you probably won't have a City Slickers situation on your hands (i.e. you won't be birthing any livestock), Explore Ranches does an incredible job of taking you on a Texas-inspired vacation. Between the landscape, the food, the activities, and everything else you'll experience on one of these ranches, it's hard to imagine how one could have a more quintessentially Lone Star State vacation. (There will need to be brisket and Tex-Mex, obviously, but that shouldn't be a problem.)

Book your ranch getaway today head to the Explore Ranches website to learn more about this vacation spot where you can escape for a long weekend.


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