'Texersize' Is the Most Ridiculous Country-Themed Workout Video Ever Made [WATCH]

Irlene Mandrell, sister of country stars Barbara and Louise, released a fitness album in 1983 called Texersize.

This record appeared at the height of the 80s aerobic exercise mania, and boy, it looks like a good one!

When I was a kid, my mom owned Jane Fonda's Workout Record and Joanie Greggians Aerobic Shape-Up record. I remember aerobicizing my little tween butt off to hits like Olivia Newton-John's "Physical" and the Villiage People's "Macho Man" on the Greggians record.

We are, and have always been, a country music household, so the name Mandrell is familiar and beloved. However, I had never heard about this gloriously, hilariously 80s aerobic album released by the lesser-known Mandrell sister.

"Today's active lifestyles demand that we all stay in top condition! Not only for ourselves but for our families as well," says Mandrell on the record. Texersize included signature moves set to tunes like "The Big Bend" and "The Thighs of Texas."

Now I wish we had a copy of the record!

The video above just gives a short snippet of the '80s awesomeness that is Texersize. The vinyl is available on eBay, and there is a VHS version floating around out there.

If you really want to workout to some classic country tunes, check out 20 Aerobic Country Hits. You can do-si-do your way to fitness with songs like "Cotton Eyed Joe" and "Rhinestone Cowboy." This one is a little easier to find, as it's available on Amazon.

Go put on some leg warmers and start aerobicizing!


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'Texersize' Is the Most Ridiculous Country-Themed Workout Video Ever Made [WATCH]