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(Exclusive)Tori Rose Talks Being '17', Her New Video, and Takes On Our Dolly Parton Quiz Showdown!

Rising artist Tori Rose may be singing about being '17' in her latest track, but her heart beats to the rhythm of Old School Country Music.

Rose, a singer-songwriter hailing from southwestern Pennsylvania, found her love for country music while cruising the Monongahela River on family boat trips. She began paying her dues at the tender age of 12, belting out tunes at Pittsburgh's Hard Rock Cafe and nailing the National Anthem at the Monster Truck Jam. Fast forward to 2021, and she snagged the top spot at Ole Red Orlando's Battle of the Bands contest.

Now Tori Rose is posed to drop her debut music video for her biographical, melancholy tune "17". The summer-themed video captures the whirlwind of young love and all its sometimes delightful, heart-fluttering chaos.

The young country music artist had a lively chat with Wide Open Country about her new video and let us quiz her on a couple of Country Music icons she's a fan of. Spoiler alert: We might have turned honky tonk trivia into a PhD challenge. You be the judge...

Tori Rose Reflects on Penning '17'

Rose wrote '17' upon turning that age a few years back. "I was in a pretty rough spot mentally, but I also had good things going on at the same time," she recalled. "When you're 17, you're at this in-between stage of almost being an adult but still being a teenager."

"There's a huge mental battle at that age," Rose added, "especially because of social media."

Rose says the tune is about taking a breath and living in the present. "At 17 you just need to really live in the moment, appreciate everything happening (good and bad), and just be 17," she explained.

The video for '17' shows Tori Rose as something of a storyteller, as two teen actors play out a bittersweet young romance with a rural backdrop. Needless to say, Rose's first video shoot proved to be a positive experience.

"It was so incredibly fun filming the video!", she gushed. "We got blessed with a beautiful day and got to film it at this amazing farm. I loved watching [the actors] film their scenes."

Meanwhile, Rose cites Country Music artists such as Carrie Underwood, Gretchen Wilson, Toby Keith, and the Zac Brown Band as major influences. However, she does have a couple of old-school inspirations, too. She recalls listening to artists like Hank Williams, Jr and Dolly Parton with her "Pop Pop". She also insists that her dream collaboration would "100% be Dolly Parton."

Tori Tries Her Hand at Some Dolly Parton and Hank Williams, Jr Trivia...

That said, the young artist bravely agreed to a speed quiz round about Parton and ol' Hank. We started easy and ramped up the "Hony Tonk Jeopardy" line of questions as we went...

For whom did Dolly Parton write I Will Always Love You as a tribute?

"I genuinely can't remember his name," Rose answered about Dolly's mentor, Porter Wagoner. However, she did get some key details right. "I remember it was a country singer who also had a TV show and Dolly Parton worked with him," she added.

Which iconic pianist taught Hank Williams, Jr how to tickle the ivory?  

"I feel like I should know this but I have no idea," Rose shot back. Admittedly, this is some deep-cut Hank lore. For the record, Jerry Lee Lewis reportedly gave young Bocephus piano lessons.

What famous Country star was Dolly's first crush?

Tori balked at this Dolly tidbit. "Also no idea," she replied through chuckles. Dolly admitted in an interview with David Letterman that she saw Johnny Cash on stage and "felt things I'd never felt before". Some folks might cry foul with this question since the interview aired before Tori Rose was a tyke. However, Dolly herself posted it just last year on her TikTok just last year...

How did Hank Williams Jr. get the nickname Bocephus? 

"No clue," Rose admitted, recalling that Gretchen Wilson cites the nickname in "Redneck Woman". Though Hank is routinely called Bocephus, few fans seem to know it's a moniker his legendary father gave him taken from the dummy of Rod Brasfield's famous ventriloquist act.

What iconic song did Dolly Parton write alongside "I Will Always Love You'? 

"I'm gonna take a wild guess and say "Jolene" just because I know they were on the same album," Rose answered, finally getting on the board! Indeed, Parton famously wrote two of her biggest hits nearly side by side. The tunes even reportedly share the same demo tape.

Who entered the Country Music Hall of Fame first, Dolly or Hank?

"I do know that Dolly Parton entered first," Tori correctly answered, finishing strong. Parton was inducted back in 1999. Meanwhile, Bocephus joined the Country Music Hall of Fame recently in 2022. Some fans might be surprised that Dolly entered so far ahead of Hank, but Rose agrees with the order.

"Dolly should've entered first just because it's Dolly!", Rose insisted.  "She's just iconic, and so is her career."

However, she still has love for Williams. "I obviously love Hank, and just the song "Family Traditions" should earn [a spot],' she said with a chuckle.

 Tori Rose's '17' can be pre-saved wherever you stream music.