Flashback: Josh Abbott Band, Carly Pearce Perform 'Wasn't That Drunk' in Austin, Texas

Back in 2015, Texas country superstars Josh Abbott Band were on the eve of debuting their new record Front Row Seat, featuring the track "Wasn't That Drunk," a duet with then rising star Carly Pearce. Abbott told Wide Open Country that, like Kacey Musgraves, who sang on his smash hit "Oh, Tonight," Pearce's voice was perfect for the song.

"I actually didn't know Carly Pearce that well, but I knew she was the right voice for the song," said Abbott. "I think that's just one of those really cool stories that, as we go down the road, we'll just know it was meant to be."

Pearce, now a full-fledged country star, released her debut album Every Little Thing in 2017.

Written by a trio of Nashville writers, "Wasn't That Drunk" was actually on hold for Lady A before Abbott was able to snag the track. Front Row Seat is a concept album separated into five acts chronicling love from beginning to end, and Abbott knew "Wasn't That Drunk" was the perfect song to begin Act 2, "Incitation." He explains the decision in the video below.

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The band decided the best way to premiere the song was with a live version recorded at the famous Stubb's in Austin, Texas. With Pearce in attendance, it was the perfect opportunity to show the song's playful tone that masks a much more romantic chemistry.

Josh Abbott Band released their most recent album Until My Voice Goes Out in 2017.

Pearce released her self-titled sophomore album in 2020.

This article was originally published in 2015. It was updated in June of 2020. 

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Flashback: Josh Abbott Band, Carly Pearce Perform 'Wasn't That Drunk' in Austin, Texas