New Conway Twitty Music Possibly Discovered

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23 years ago Conway Twitty died, leaving behind 35 years of country music magic. His death was sudden, and he died at the young age of 59. Along with his huge legacy, Twitty left behind four children and countless fans around the world.

One great fan of his work was Mike Patton. According to the Tennessean, Patton was such a huge fan of Twitty’s that he attended an auction in 1994 in the attempt to collect something the singer once owned. That day, Patton wound up with a stack of yellowed papers, which he brought back to his home in Galesburg, Ill.

Patton put the papers in storage with his large collection of music memorabilia, and they remained untouched for many years. Earlier this year, when Patton decided to downsize his home, he brought in a friend to help him go through his huge collection.

While going through the items, Patton and his friend ran across the stack of papers that had long been forgotten. Much to their surprise, the stack of papers contained hand-written lyrics from Conway Twitty himself.

Upon further research, they discovered that Twitty had only recorded half of the songs. There was also a separate page that contains a half-finished song. This is a fantastic find for country music fans everywhere.

“If these can be proven to be Conway’s work, there might be some interested in doing something with them,” sadi Jason Orr, of the Country Music Hall of Fame. “I think it will be fascinating to have more songs written by Conway.”

Even if these songs are Twitty lyrics, the final result will never be the same without his unique style and sound. During his 35-year-long career, Twitty recorded 110 albums and received 55 number one records, each well-loved by fans of country music. It will be difficult to top what he put into his music by anyone in the industry today.

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New Conway Twitty Music Possibly Discovered