Everybody’s Watching a Live Stream of Jackson Hole and Nobody Knows Why

Screengrab via YouTube

Leave it to the Internet to create more mysteries than it solves. Thousands of people from around the globe are watching a live stream of an intersection in Jackson Hole, Wyo. and nobody knows why.

The live feed covers one of the town’s busier intersections off Broadway street known as Town Square. About 10,000 people live in Jackson Hole. And to be fair, it’s a beautifully picturesque scene. Trees swaying in the breeze, mountains in the distance, tiny storefronts.

But still, why?

The feed has been up about a month. See Jackson Hole, a tourism branch of the city, put the camera up along with several others. A lot of the cameras focus on the beautiful Grand Teton mountains in the distance. But none of them average nearly 2,000 viewers at any given moment like the town square camera.

Oh, and the comment section is insane, too. People tend to point out passing vehicles and pedestrians. At one point, the appearance of a red truck drove the crowd into a frenzy. A twitter hashtag #RedTruck soon popped up.

Good luck keeping up with the conversation, though. Comments are gone as quickly as they appear thanks to the sheer number of people wanting to chime in. Watch long enough, and you’ll see folks sending their well-wishes from countries all around the world.

And yes, the live stream has inspired some intersection-related shenanigans. Thankfully, nobody has been hurt and it all appears to be in good fun.

Bizarre, meaningless, Internet-inspired fun.

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Everybody’s Watching a Live Stream of Jackson Hole and Nobody Knows Why