Here's Every State’s Most Popular Liquor

This article was originally published July 2016.

Ask a bartender what everyone orders on a typical night and they'll probably name at least a couple of hard liquors. Shots, anyone? Recent findings give us a more solid understanding of exactly what Americans drink on a typical night out.

BARTRENDr, the social app for drinking and drinkers, put all their users' information to good use. After analyzing findings from over 700,000 users, they figured out what people like to drink, organized by state.


Whiskey wins most popular

It's no surprise whiskey made an appearance on this list. In fact, just give it a sash, a tiara and call it the queen.

Jack Daniels made it to the top of the list in 15 states, including Texas, Tennessee, Montana and North Carolina. Even Utah and Hawaii joined in on that action.

Close behind, 14 states opted for Fireball. It's dotted pretty evenly across the country, including Ohio, Missouri, Wyoming, New Mexico and Alaska. Pennsylvania and Illinois chose good, ol' Jameson for their whiskey fix.

All told, 42 states chose some form of whiskey over other liquors.

Alternative liquor choices, like Patron, Captain Morgan and Svedka, joined the ranks in a few states.

Looks like Virginia and Maryland are the only ones in the mood for a stiff martini. In Maryland's case, make that martini straight up with a shot of Fireball as a chaser.

The three-choice state

Only one state opted for three popular liquor choices, according to these findings. Idaho couldn't choose between Fireball, Captain Morgan and Jagermeister. Sounds like the making of a college party of mythical proportions.

While we can never be sure what those drinkers who abhor social apps and logging their drinking habits might be drinking, we now know how much Americans love whiskey. It's a love that will never die.

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