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Every Texas Longhorn Will Love These Donuts

Just in case your breakfast isn’t Austiny enough for you, then you just need to head to Slaughter Lane for a Texas donut experience not available anywhere else.

The intriguingly named Donut Taco Palace II sits in an unassuming strip center that you would probably just drive right past if you weren’t looking for it. But inside are not only donuts AND tacos (as the name implies) but something even better.

Image via Yelp
Donut breakfast sandwiches! Image via Yelp

Inside this palatial establishment, the menu contains some surprising offerings. First and foremost the Donut Taco Palace II earns their name with their Donut Taco (yes you read that right) which would be a pretty standard breakfast taco, except that it’s wrapped in a donut. If that sounds good, be sure to wipe the drool off your face before you continue reading, because the Donut Taco Palace II also offers sandwiches, kolaches, and (drumroll please) glazed donuts in the shape of the UT Hook ’em hand sign.

The UT donuts are joined on the menu by peace sign donuts for the non-longhorn Austinites, and A&M thumbs-up signs for Aggie interlopers. The donuts are made to order and cost about $15 per dozen.

Sweet mother of taco...this is the presentation for the Donut Tacos Image via Yelp
Sweet mother of taco…this is the presentation for the Donut Tacos Image via Yelp

There’s really no reason to not go get some UT donuts, but in case you feel you need one, here are a few: Graduation (coming up next month!) Baseball season (Hook ’em!) Finals (you’ve got to have something to look forward to, right?) and finally, Football season (think tailgates!)

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Every Texas Longhorn Will Love These Donuts