8 Proscuitto-Wrapped Appetizers That'll Be Unforgettable

If you're already on the bacon train, then you know how a good slice of porky goodness can take any food, including fruit, from ordinary to extraordinary. There's just no substitute for the salty, fatty goodness that bacon can enhance flavors with! However, even something as perfect as bacon needs to be changed up every once in awhile. Therefore, let us introduce you to prosciutto.

Let's start our introduction by reminding you that prosciutto is essentially really fancy Italian bacon. So since we already know that bacon is delicious and Italian food it also delicious, it stands to reason that Italian bacon is off the charts scrumptious. Therefore, when you pair pork perfection with one of natures other miracles - fruit, which we like to consider natural dessert- you're in for a treat. Not only are the flavor combinations about as close to perfection as you can come, but the effort you need to put into a prosciutto wrapped appetizer in inversely proportional to the amount of enjoyment your guest will get out of them. That means: a tiny amount of work for a large amount of enjoyment.

Here are eight prosciutto-wrapped fruit recipes to commemorate two of the most mouthwatering ingredients in nature.

1. Dates

Meat-wrapped dates have become an appetizer staple, and for good reason. There is something about the candy sweetness of a chewy date paired with the saltiness of goat cheese and cured pork that is irresistible.

Add a little thyme to the combination and you have an appetizer that will be inhaled before it even reaches the table. Get the recipe here.

2. Melon

The Spanish struck gold the first time that they paired a sweet, cool, juicy cube of melon with a salty strip of prosciutto. Since then, this appetizer has not left the tapas menus. In fact, this combination has become a worldwide favorite with many variations.

While getting too complicated will ruin the harmony of flavors, if you want a simple variation on a classic, add a sprig of mint to your melon and prosciutto. You won't be disappointed. Get the recipe here.

3. Pineapple

These bite size snacks have taken the idea of a Hawaiian pizza and made it gourmet.

With juicy pineapple, salty cheese, and crispy prosciutto, these nibbles are the ultimate sweet-savory combination. Get the recipe here.

4. Apricots

Nothing says fail-proof appetizer like fruit, cheese, and meat. However, don't let each component languish separately from one another. Be adventurous and roll all the ingredients together in a decadent little morsel.

An excellent combination to bring the flavor of early fall into your house is mascarpone cheese, apricots, and prosciutto. Get the recipe here.

5. Figs

Figs are a culinary delicacy on their own. However, when you wrap them in freshly trimmed prosciutto, you have an easy and impressive appetizer that you can whip up at the drop of a hat.

For a little extra flair, you can roast them with a balsamic vinaigrette which will have even the pickiest of mouths watering. Get the recipe here.

6. Apples

These bite size morsels will change the way you throw parties. Although this is more apples inserted into prosciutto than wrapped in prosciutto, it is nevertheless a tastebud's delight.

A delicate balance of savory, sweet, and crispy, these prosciutto cups are quick to make and can even be made a day in advance to maximize their flavors. This recipe was originally found on Family Food And Travel..

7. Strawberries

Strawberries are a great vehicle for many many flavors, and prosciutto is no exception. Pairing the sweet summertime flavor of ripe berries with the salty tanginess of cheese is already a classic.

However, if you wrap those two flavors up in prosciutto, suddenly everything becomes balanced. Get the recipe here.

8. Persimmons

Persimmons are an unusual fruit to begin with. With the texture of apples and the taste of cinnamon, biting into this fruit is a surprise each time.

Although the fruit is delicious on its own, if you roast them and then wrap them in a razor thin slice of prosciutto, you will want nothing more than to indulge, undisturbed in each bite. Get the recipe here.

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