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Everette Celebrates Small Town Friendship in 'Slow Roll'

If you catch Everette's music video for "Slow Roll" before reading the duo's bio, you'll already figure out that they're old friends. You know, the sort of country boys who'd want to load up the RV and the cooler and head to Memphis while blaring some Skynyrd and dropping some backwoods rhymes. You might've also noticed that they're the type of pals who'll have equal fun at an awesome historic site or a tourist trap— as long as they've got each other.

That all sums up Brent Rupard and Anthony Olympia. They both hail from Bullitt County, Kentucky. Despite going to high schools eight miles apart, the duo didn't meet until Rupard started taking guitar lessons from Olympia at age 21. After that, they combined forces to slowly make in-grounds in Nashville toward their recent Broken Bow Records release, the Slow Roll EP.

In addition, the country duo's moniker teases their backstory a bit. They're named after George Clooney's character from O Brother, Where Art Thou? As fans of that movie, these guys know old-time country music and other American roots sounds. Yet just like Ulysses Everett McGill, they throw a little self-depreciating humor into their new song while pretty much constructing a day drinker's nursery rhyme out of bluesy guitar licks, clever rhymes ("I can get that Yeti ready as fast as Richard Petty's Chevy") and a pop culture reference to Dazed and Confused.

Rupard co-wrote the song with Chris DuBois and Clint Lagerberg. He admits that the sing-songy chorus was inspired by "Row Row Row Your Boat," which goes to show how every little observation or earworm can make it into a country song.

'Slow Roll' Lyrics

Lips were made for kissin' on
Suds were made for sippin' on
Work was made for skipping on
A day like today
I can get that Yeti ready as fast as Richard Petty's Chevy
Come on, what ya say we get all Friday hazy lazy, baby

Slow roll, roll with me
Easy like a breeze
Get high 'til them weeping willows look like palm trees
We'll just go with the flow
Floatin' gently down the stream
All our worries getting blurry
Baby, slow roll with me

Clouds have finally broken up
Sun was made for soakin' up
Boats were made for floatin' but
I can tip it in a minute if you want to
Throw your agenda out the window - smooth sailin' ride
In a daze like McConaughey, hey alright, alright, alright

Slow roll, roll with me
Easy like a breeze
Slow roll, roll with me
Easy like a breeze
Baby kiss me, get me in that '60s hippie state of mind

Na, na, na, na, na, na na
Yeah come on
Slow roll with me

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