The Essential Country Fashion Gift Guide

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is the time when we show our loved ones just how much they mean to us. It can be hard, though, to know what to get someone. Have no fear. We've assembled some of the most up-to-date fashion items for every country chic girl. Here are just 10 of the incredibly beautiful country fashion pieces you should give to that special girl in your life.

Tattered ball caps

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Okay, so country women have been wearing ball caps for ages. We'll usually just swipe our husband's, but now we're donning intentionally ragged-looking ball caps. Popular styles will include southwestern fabrics and patched looks. You can find this one on Amazon.

Deer Antlers

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Deer antlers are no longer just a hunting trophy. You can find them on anything from sweaters to jewelry. Here's a beautiful example of how deer antlers are being used in fashion these days.



Country girls are all about the bling. Plus, given that we're pretty close to new years, a little sparkle is always appreciated. Sequins are on everything these days from plain old t-shirts to formal dresses. This casual sweater is made just that much more glamorous with sequins on the elbows.

Baseball Shirts

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Those vintage baseball tees from the 70's are back in chic. You can find plain ones, printed ones, and even bright and shiny glittery ones. You can get this one on Amazon.


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Think shawls are for little old ladies? Think again. Shawls and their cousin the poncho are very popular in country fashion right now. This southwestern shawl is perfect for those cold Winter days. You can pair it with a solid color shirt, ripped jeans and ankle boots.


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Another item that has left the realm of "grandma" is crochet. While you probably don't want to go overboard with the homespun look, a little crochet can make any garment a little more stylish. You can get this top on Amazon.


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Lace is super feminine and flirty. It's the perfect thing to get for the country fashionista in your life. This flowy lace top is a great example of modern country fashion incorporating lace. As with anything see-through, you'll want to wear a cami or bralette underneath.

Off-the-shoulder tops

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Off the shoulder is a huge thing these days. You can wear a neck-less sweater for a casual off-the-shoulder look, or go more formal with something like this. There are even tops that expose both shoulders.


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Fringe is great because you can wear it on anything. It goes on shirts, on boots, on jewelry, on scarves. You name it, you can put fringe on it. Get this fringed purse on Amazon.


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The trick to wearing flannel is all in how you accessorize it. Rolling up the sleeves and tying it up is a good way to feminize it, or matching it with a cute pair of cutoffs and boots works just as well.

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