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Erin Viancourt is Country Music's Next Breakout Indie Artist: 'I've Always Done Things My Own Way'

Viancourt is the first artist to be signed to Cody Jinks' label, Late August Records.

Hailing from Ohio, Erin Viancourt's passion for country music was procured at an early age, setting her on a path that led her straight to the heart of Nashville.

"[It's been] ten years of music, of living in Nashville- writing at 18 years old, 28 when I finished recording the album," Erin tells Wide Open Country, "truly just a decade of climbing uphill battles in the music business."

Growing up in Cleveland, Erin was exposed to the timeless stories and melodies of classic country music. From Patsy Cline to Jerry Jeff Walker, these influences rooted her connection to the genre and helped shape her distinctive sound. As she made her way to Nashville, her talents for songwriting and storytelling flourished.

"I've always just heard and done things my own way," Erin says. "I've always done things a little differently."

Determined to remain true to her artistry, Erin took the bold step of co-producing her debut album alongside her trusted friend, Kyle Dreaden. "I knew that Kyle was the person to make these songs come to life with," Erin says. "He's just one of those people that push you to your limits. [He] truly wanted to pull out the way I heard these songs in my head."

Viancourt's debut album Won't Die This Way delves into the complexities of love and life, touching on themes of change and regret throughout its thirteen tracks. "I know what [these songs] mean to me. I know where they came from- what triggered my heart to write down a line at some point in my notepad- but what's so beautiful about a lot of these songs is that they can be connected with in so many different ways," Erin says.

"I talk a lot about love, but [in songs like] 'Won't Die This Way' - if you're in a job that you hate, if you're in a living situation that's not good for you, if you're living a life in your own way that you know isn't the way that you want to leave this world, you're the only one that can do something about it. I really love leaving it kind of open-ended to allow people to connect with it on their own level."

Erin Viancourt

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Erin's music has been praised for its blend of classic country elements and her own modern flair. Her unique sound has been described as a mixture of artists like Waylon Jennings and Norah Jones.

"Throwing [them] into a bowl and mixing it up to make me? That's one of the biggest compliments. Those are some big names to be compared to," she says."It's hard to place myself these days in a genre, but I hope that I can fit the bill for modern country music with the soul of the traditional side of country."

Erin is the first artist to be signed to Cody Jinks' label, Late August Records, and it has been a dream come true for her. Jinks' success as an independent country artist served as a major inspiration for Erin, who sought to protect her music and creative freedom, which is a challenge many artists face in the music industry. The partnership with the label provided her the encouragement and support she needed to release her music into the world.

"Cody Jinks, I think he's the most successful independent country artist in our nation," Erin shared. "He's really done the hard work to get to where he's at, and has taken the time to explain to me [and other young artists] the best way to not only protect your music in what can be a very scary business, but how to protect the integrity of your music. The integrity of your business."

Jinks, best known for his independent chart-topping album I'm Not the Devil, created Late August Records back in 2021 with longtime manager, Arthur Penhallow Jr. and Malia Barrett.

"Erin is a badass with every possible skill one needs to make it in this business," Jinks said of her in an interview with Music Row late last year. "Beyond that, her independence, dedication, kindness, confidence, coolness, determination and 'it' factor are just a few of the extras she brings to the table. The perfect debut artist for Late August Records."

Erin Viancourt's journey from Cleveland to Nashville and her pursuit of authenticity in her music has endeared her to fans and critics alike. With Won't Die This Way, she has carved a niche for herself in the world of country music, receiving well-earned praise for her genuine approach and unforgettable performances.

"Country music, songwriting, they're just stories of everyday people, everyday blue-collar workers, everyday heartache," she says. "It's really not about where you're at, it's the people and the stories around you that influence the way that you soak up life, marinate it, and let it back out."

As she continues to grow as one of the genre's most promising stars, she stands as proof that advocating for yourself and your sound is the key to an authentic rise in the music industry.

"Stay true to yourself and take control of your own happiness in life. Full steam ahead."

'Won't Die This Way" can be bought or streamed here.


Won't Die This Way Track List:

  1. Cheap Paradise
  2. Crazy in My Mind
  3. Straight Down the Barrel
  4. Pray
  5. Some Things Never Get Old
  6. Old Time Melody
  7. B24
  8. Who Taught You How to Love
  9. Letters to Waylon
  10. Won't Die This Way
  11. Should've Known Better
  12. Mountain Boy
  13. Beautiful Night for Goodbye

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