Hear Erin Rae's 'Can't Cut Loose,' a Striking Ode to Constant Yearning

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Erin Rae has been a mainstay of East Nashville's music scene for several years now, collaborating with peers like Margo Price and Andrew Combs and captivating audiences with her honeyed vocals and fusion of folk and country.

Her songs have earned her recognition from Americana singer-songwriter John Paul White, who signed Rae to his Alabama-based label Single Lock Records.

"When I first heard Erin's compelling voice, I knew nothing about her. It was live, with no intro (she was opening for friends of mine), and I was instantly transfixed," White said in a press release. "I couldn't wait to engage, and that's something I very seldom feel, much less do. I was thrilled to find out her personality was as engaging as her voice and songs, and that she was looking for a home. I couldn't be happier to be hitching our wagons together."

The Tennessee native is gearing up to release her new album Putting On Airs on June 8. In advance of the record's release, Rae recently shared her latest single "Can't Cut Loose," a song about being caught between nearly uncontrollable longing and self-destructive behavior. It's a gorgeous, striking song that will resonate with anyone who's ever found their deepest desire at odds with what's good for their heart and soul.


Listen to "Can't Cut Loose" below.

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This spring, Rae will join the Mountain Goats and Margo Price for select tour dates. She'll also appear at the End of the Road Festival in the U.K. this summer.

Putting On Airs is the followup to Erin Rae's 2015 debut album Soon Enough.

Putting On Airs Track List:

  1. "Grand Scheme"
  2. "Putting On Airs"
  3. "Bad Mind"
  4. "Can't Cut Loose"
  5. "Love Like Before"
  6. "June Bug"
  7. "Mississippi Queen"
  8. "Like The First Time"
  9. "The Real Thing"
  10. "Anchor Me Down"
  11. "Wild Blue Wind"
  12. "Pretend"

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Hear Erin Rae's 'Can't Cut Loose,' a Striking Ode to Constant Yearning