Photo of Erin Grand
Catherine Powell

Erin Grand Takes it Slow on Soulful 'Casual' [Video Premiere]

Country singer-songwriter Erin Grand eases into a new relationship on the slow-burning, sultry "Casual," from her EP Anything But Casual.

The performance video, which Wide Open Country is exclusively premiering today, features Grand lounging in a bathtup and sipping champagne.

"'Casual' was the sultrier side of this EP, and probably my favorite song off the project as well," Grand tells Wide Open Country. "This was a total blast to film because it just felt like me to a T. There is nothing I love more than treating myself to a glass of champagne in a cozy robe, so I had so much fun bringing both my 'casual' and 'anything but casual' side to life."

Watch the performance video for "Casual" below.

Grand says her latest EP Anything But Casual provides a closer look into her life and experiences.

"This EP is all about taking a deeper look into my life and hoping people can not only get to know me better, but also relate to it in their own ways," Grand says. "My favorite thing about this project so far has been hearing peoples' stories, and how they relate to each song. That's how I know as a songwriter that I have done my job - and that makes my heart so full."

Raised just outside of the Twin Cities, Grand moved to Nashville in 2020 and released her debut single "Mood" shortly after. Inspired by artists such as Maren Morris, Keith Urban, Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars, Grand soulful pop-country that showcases her own unique voice and point of view.